Sunday, February 19, 2012

violet's first sleepover

sure, she has had overnighters before- but i think this will count as vi's first sleepover.

her cousin owen came to play and they had a blast! i truly love watching these two interact. they are different in so many ways but they just seems to get one another. i love how they play, how they fight and how they make up. love it all.

they decided to sleep in a glowing tent. for you amateurs, this is a tent filled with glow sticks. the ultimate sleeping spot. i was a little worried that they wouldn't do well sleeping through the night like this- but it went great!

i should have taken more pictures of their adventures together- but after a fun, messy day, they ended up in the bath. serious giggles ensued as they splashed and soaked one another.

the sweetest moment of the day was when owen asked violet to be his "pretend sister." she just answered with one of her big hugs.

you see why i love these two?

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