Sunday, February 19, 2012

the triple birthday!!!

with three birthdays in february, we find that we are celebrating all month long. there is nothing wrong with that- but we think our friends and family may be on taylor overload when the end of the month finally comes. so this year, we threw a big bash for all three of us at once! where else would you throw a triple birthday other than classic skating? i mean, i had my seventh birthday party there and cade is a maniac on skates. it just made sense.

don't worry, we classed it up a little with a nice spread.

and violet turned out to be a natural on skates. yes, this two year old was out skating with the rest of us. i may be biased here, but seriously, violet is the best.

she did, however, take a few breaks to sneak her fingers into the frosting.

and love on nana and granny.

and party with the rest of the guests we celebrated with. just for record keeping purposes, i think we should mention that cade and i counted over 75 people who came to party with us! we love all our friends and family- thanks for celebrating, snowballing, and dancing along with us as we karaoked to gaga.

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