Sunday, February 19, 2012

prince of pong

this handsome dude started off the year right by participating in the state's "largest ping pong tournament ever" (or something to that effect).
cade has always loved ping pong- and since he started working at xactware, where the ping pong tables are always in use and the competition is fierce, his game has improved. he has a trophy wall full of carnival cruise line ping pong champion trophies but that isn't enough. cade was ready for more. he is now at the point where he can compete with the big dawgzz.

it was a family outing for the taylors. his gals cheered him on as he showed his skill. the other players in his pool were super good (i mean, let's just say that there were a lot of asians there) but cade held his own. i overheard a few conversations from some of the "elite" asking about who this new tall guy was. they were impressed with his play! once people put together that we were there for him, i had people asking me where cade trains. ya... he is THAT cool. cade ended up in a tie for the spot to move on to the next round. unfortunately, his point total was lower than the other dude he was tied with so we were sent packing.

here is a news story on the tournament

all in all- I think we can say this isn't the last tournament cade will see.

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