Sunday, February 19, 2012

saying goodbye to our granny

as you lighten another's heart
your heart will expand. -granny woolf

sweet granny woolf passed away and we already miss her so much. she is such an example of faith, love, and a joyous life. she truly LOVED life and her zest was infectious.

her funeral was full of beautiful stories that made us all laugh and cry. we celebrated her life with smiles knowing that she was finally back with her "yummy" husband and her two sons.

her body was laid in a beautiful spot that overlooks the salt lake valley. we gathered together on a fabulous january day to say our goodbyes.

and then we all ate cracker jacks and twizzlers- because granny would have wanted it that way.

we also took some time at granny's for a bit.

violet played on the same blue carpet that cade has played on for years. the cousins have had such great times at granny's.

and it was fun to do it again.

here are more of her poems

a happy heart
a thankful heart
a prayerful heart
and a sweetheart
makes heaven on earth!

love is just a word
until it means something to you.
and this meaning only comes when
you've given all of you.

i will guard
i will watch
i will guide
i will pray
i will be the best mother
for my baby today

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