Thursday, November 3, 2011

TRIPLE baptism

we love having such a big family. when ivy was born, she became the 28th grandchild for cade's parents. with so many kiddos, we get to celebrate some fun parties. a few weeks ago was one such event.

a TRIPLE baptism! these three, fabulous kids made the decision to be baptized and since their birthdays were so close, they chose to all do it on the same day! it really was a cool event to see. it made for a very proud granny and grandpa. violet seemed so grown up as she walked to the front to get a better view of the action with the other excited cousins. i am grateful for the example her cousins set for her.

here is a picture of the whole gang after the baptism. we are an awesome crowd, eh!?

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Lindsey said...

That picture turned out great! YOU guys great!