Sunday, November 20, 2011

miss vi is growing up... and fast!

i feel like i haven't updated lately on violet. there are things i want to be sure to get on this blog so i NEVER forget how much i laughed through this stage with vi. really, all day long i just laugh at her (or with her?). anyway, here are a few things that i am loving about this little diva lately.

violet is obsessed with accessories of all sorts. she is always obsessing over at least one accessory and will demand that she wear it at all times. i am trying not to give in to her divaliciousness every time because i fear that she may turn into a kardashian, but i can't help but love watching her accessorize.
one week, she had to have about 40 necklaces draped around her neck at all times. the next week, she literally had a ring on every finger- and she loved to show them off. right now, she is really into boots. i will put her to bed and every morning, she walks out of bed with boots on over her footed jammies. i don't know when she wakes up and puts them on, but it is awesome. she becomes so attached to these accessories that it often ends up a HUGE meltdown when we have to take them off for some reason. she wore her turquoise ring for so long that i couldn't get it off even if i wanted to! it was stuck on! i have considered getting this girl a bedazzler for christmas- but i think i will hold off until she is at least two...

violet is really into dancing lately. the other day, she was following me around the house sulking. i asked all sorts of questions to find out why she was sad. she wasn't hungry, she didn't want to sing, and she wasn't tired.... in the end, she looked up at me and in a sad voice said, "wanna dance."
now THAT is a request i can fill! we turned on some tunes and that little girl danced in my bedroom for the next half an hour (and that is NOT an exaggeration). i kept getting things done around the house, but every time i would check in on her, i found her busting a move.
she doesn't much like to dance to any ol' thing- she prefers a good beat. that way, she can REALLY get into her groove. her favorite song to dance to right now is dev's "bass down low" (the clean version, of course). admittedly, this is not the best song for a little girl to dance to- but she LOVES it! if you start to sing, "i like my beats fast..." she will finish the sentence with "bass down low." i think i need to invest in some kids bop cds or something.
in my defense as a mother, her favorite song to sing is "jesus wants me for a sunbeam." i should throw that out there.

for some reason, vi loves to carry anything that is heavy. sometimes, i will hear her in another room struggling with something only to walk in and find her trying to lift a table or carry a chair that is three times her size. i just think she likes the challenge of it or something. when ivy was on oxygen, violet was always trying to carry around the heavy, portable tanks that we kept. i even thought those were too heavy to just heave around the house- but not vi.
this picture is sooo blurry but i couldn't figure out my camera... nor could i get her to stop walking. but you get the point. i love her grunts as she lifts stuff and her determination to move the heavy things from one room to another. makes me laugh every time.

i really do have a little shadow all day helping me do things. when i am cleaning, violet needs a rag to wipe down her toys. when i am working, violet is at the desk with me coloring. when i am feeding ivy, violet is there cheering ivy on (sometimes, a little too much... but ivy don't mind). when i am getting ready, violet is right there putting on her "makeup" and getting her dolls ready as well.
with two kids, i find that sometimes i need an extra set of hands- and vi is always there to step in and help. one of her favorite ways to help is to find garbage and throw it away. for a while, cade and i were so impressed with her ability to recognize what was garbage and that she knew where to throw it away. a few days later, i went to wash out the tub in our guest bathroom and found where violet's "garbage can" was. i guess she thought the tub was a good a place as any to throw the trash. ever since then, if you part the curtain in the tub, you are sure to find a collection of wrappers, old papers and maybe a diaper or two that violet has decided to throw away.

more and more violet is expressing herself- and it is so fun to be a part of it. she went through a pretty nasty biting stage not too long ago, so we are just glad that she is using her mouth in a much more constructive way. her vocabulary is doubling by the week and it is great to hear her try to put sentences together. now, when we sit down to read her familiar books, she likes to tell me what the story is. i will be honest, sometimes i have NO idea what she is saying but she says it with such enthusiasm that i just go with it. she has the opportunity to play with her neighbor friends quite often and i love to hear them all chatter as they play. again, most of it is long, jibber-filled sentences, but they seem to know what the other is saying.

i think i could go on and on and on about this little girl....

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Lindsey said...

Oh, my! That little thing keeps me giggling. What a cutie!