Friday, November 4, 2011

infield inception

as you can tell, cade and i make a lot of movies. correction: cade makes a lot of movies and i am usually in them. in the past, we have steered clear of any sort of talking in the movies because, despite our middle school drama class experiences, we are not great actors. plus, it is slightly embarrassing to put yourself out there like that.
well, a few months ago, cade had a dream. that dream was inside a dream- a total inception moment. this strange happening led to our first ever "talkie."


anyway, we filmed it the first week we were home with ivy and had some fun and some not-so-fun moments making it. in the end, however, i am glad we finished and i am glad that cade is such a creative.

enjoy infield inception!

p.s. our annual halloween movie is up next! we just finished filming and we will get it up here soon!


Amberlin Baxter said...

Very well done! :-) I always look forward to the movies.I am loving Cade's beard as well. Good to hear Ivy is doing better.

Chelsea Lynn Irons said...

I love your videos!