Thursday, February 12, 2009

true blue

yes- i already did a post on how much i love utah state, but here is another one. cade is a huge basketball fan. our life revolves around listening to or watching a usu game and we never miss a home game (it should be noted, however, that we did miss a home game for brett's wedding. bffs for life.). cade and eddie will even go a few hours early to the games and study in the spectrum just to make sure they get seats for us. cade is true blue.

the aggie's record is now an impressive 23 wins and only one loss. all you cougars out there are quick to point out where that one loss came from- but feel free to click here for a humbling experience.

usu games this season have been nothing short of fantastic. the crowd is always into the game and our home winning record is one of the best in the nation. the crowd's raucous behavior has made the spectrum one of the most feared venues in college basketball- so much so, that it was recently addressed in church and we were all asked to keep our comments and cheers to an appropriate level. that's going as well as can be expected.... i have never really been a fan of the 'you suck' cheer- and cade is doing his part by only mouthing the words. regardless- the aggies keep winning at home.

good luck on the road, aggies. come hell or high water- we'll meet you at the spectrum next week.


Adam said...

If the Aggies win every one of their remaining games I will be there, in the Spectrum, in Aggie Blue for the last home game.

You heard it here first.

Kate Gildea said...

Wow, Adam gonna break away from BYU now huh? Changing your mind? You know how I feel about the Ag's!!

Mills said...

Go AGGIES!!! We miss it there so much, and wish we were sitting in the crowd with you. We just went to a game here at the University of South Carolina, and the crowd was pitiful...tons of empty seats, less-than-enthusiastic cheers, no crazy face painting or huge hair, only about 4 matching shirts....pitiful! It made us a bit home sick!