Monday, February 9, 2009

music for your monday

i just love music... and i don't think i have shared that love enough on the blog. so, here goes my musical monday.

when we got home from belgium, our friend jason gave us a great christmas album from an artist named joshua james. it was a great album. so seasonal and perfect for our long drives back and forth to logan. i looked forward to getting to know mr. james a little better and my wish finally came true.

last week, joshua james made a stop in frosty logan for all his dedicated fans. jordan's band, grafted, was opening for him as well, so it made sense that we would not miss this show; however, we were not the only ones excited about the concert. as more and more people packed their way into logan's tiny little venue, whysound, they reached maximum standing space. who cares, right? the fire marshall cares. come to find out maximum standing space exceeds the legal maximum capacity by like 100 people. so before joshua even got on stage, the fire marshall busted in and we all ran for cover. thinking the night was lost, we huddled out back in the cold trying to decide what to do when one of the guys from joshua james' band told us they would still play for us out front on the street. although it was probably dipping into the negatives by this point, joshua james gathered us together and played a small set with his band on a tiny, little street in logan. my shoes literally froze to the ground but i loved every minute of it.

we bought his cd, the sun is always brighter, and have been really liking it. so here is my present to you this week- great music. enjoy!

click here for a musical monday experience.


Jess said...

Ash you just made my day with your comment about Ms. Waddell's math class ... oh the good ole days! :) You are SO freaking cute with your idea for the 12 days of Cade .... LOVED IT!!! I miss you!

Adam said...

I'm not a huge "local artist" guy, but I caught one of his shows down here in Provo and I actually liked it quite a bit.

Darren said...

I dig it!

Brownies said...

Ohhhhhh Ashley, if I could only show you some of the sick apartments we lived in while in school! And I don't mean sick as in cool....I cried the day we moved into our first 2 apartments not kidding and just before we bought our house we were in an apartment complex with neighbors above us that would beat each other up at 3am. One night Ben went up there to tell them they were waking up our kids and the girl darted out of the apartment wearing nothing but a bra! And Ben was like, "well that was weird. I'm just hoping you guys could quiet it down up here".... We've got some pretty funny apartment stories.
Seriously Come visit.