Sunday, February 1, 2009

the 12 days of cade

on the first day of cade, emo gave to him:

one dinner at cafe rio.

on the second day of cade, katie and colleen gave to him:

2 shoes (and a bonus... an abry's melt!)

on the third day of cade, krik and dorthea gave to him:

3 gallons of whole milk and 3 2 liters of coke (cade's 2 favorite drinks)

on the fourth day of cade, dave gave to him:

cade's favorite songs with the number 4 in them
bright eyes 'four winds' and cake 'friend is a four letter word'

on the fifth day of cade, sam and allie gave to him:

5 boxes of cereal and top 5 memories (my personal favorite was sam's memory of he and cade eating skittles at a sleep over and dreaming about their futures).

on the sixth day of cade, austin and leslie gave to him:

6 tennis balls- for many summer rematches.

on the seventh day of cade, jeff, heather, mitch, cassie and ryan gave to him:

7 bucks to buy 7 treats at 7-11 in under 7 minutes for a party at 7 pm where there was 7 layer dip, 7 ingredient korean surprise and a cake in the shape of a 7. everything was coming up 7s.

on the eighth day of cade, kate and lisa gave to him:

top eight list of cade 'bests' (not excluding the vericose veins).

on the ninth day of cade, emily and jackie gave to him:

9 holes of mini golf with cheesecake at the end.

on the tenth day of cade, paige, jordan, shawnee and preston gave to him:

10 pins to knock down in bowling (plus one cute card, i might add).

on the eleventh day of cade, eddie and kylee gave to him:

11 ballers balling- 4th row tickets to next thursday's jazz game!

and on the 12th day of cade, jason gave to him:

12 episodes of flight of the conchords, 12 tracks of mr. mon, 12 memories from junior high and a hurley doll.

today is cade's very birthday. it was no surprise to me to see how many people volunteered to celebrate his birthday- he is a great friend and the best husband. i realize that there are only 12 days of christmas- but on the 13th day of cade, i have 13 reasons i think he is the top dawg:

1. he is never mean and he never gets mad.... no matter how hard i try.
2. he is the funniest person i know.
3. i love waking up to see what he has picked out to wear for the day. always a treat.
4. he always does the dishes.
5. there are 3 things he is always up for: ping pong, basketball, and biking.
6. he has such great aspirations. nothing is impossible.
7. he is a genius. i rarely see him study- but he always gets an a.
8. he is a friend to everyone
9. he will only buy pants that are under 10 dollars.
10. he has the golden touch, is a jack of all trades and is fearless. this combination is incredible.
11. he sees the best in every situation. i have never met anyone so positive. even when we got robbed in brussels, cade turns to me out of breath and with one of his big smiles says, 'what a rush!'
12. he makes everyday count. that isn't some cheesy saying to make your heart warm- he seriously does do all that he can to make everyday better than the last. life is never boring with cade.
13. he knows who he is.

thanks to everyone who helped out with the 12 days of cade- we had such a blast these last two weeks. you really made his birthday so fun.

happy birthday, cade. i've only known you for 2 of the past 25 years- but i look forward to next 25.


Karrissa Winward said...

Happy Birthday Cade! And props to you Ashley for making it so special- what a cool idea!

Eric*Dana*Colter said...

This is such a cute idea to do for a birthday...i am starting the 12 days of Valentines for eric today...YAHOO!!!


Laina said...

What a great idea Ashley! I am glad it all worked out. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY CADE! I didn't forget about you. In fact I mentioned to my family as we were watching the Super Bowl that it was your birthday. Happy Happy Birthday!

Shafer and Lindsey said...

What a great birthday! I'm gonna have to steal that idea sometime! You guys are the coolest couple I know!

Austin and Leslie said...

Definitely a cool birthday idea, Ashley. Hope you had fun Cade :)

the madsen family said...

you guys are the greatest. i seem to laugh or smile at every post. way to have a birthday!!! we would love to see you anytime. how about this weekend? or the next maybe? fhe is always a good excuse to get together! just let us know...!!

Megan and Greg said...

That was so great! I wish I never got mad- that is a good quality. I loved the 7 day, very creative. So fun.Greg never buys pants for over $10 either. It drives me crazy though! He'll find good pants and I'll say get them! They're only $15! And he'll say, "I can find something cheaper!" But he always does!

Hewletts said...

A few things....
1. Happy Birthday Cade!
2. I wish I was a number in the 12 days...
3. I thought I was the funniest person you knew. Rip off!
4. You guys are cute and I love it.
5. You better still be coming to visit me in March.
6. You can leave a comment on every picture because I miss you guys so much.....
7. LOVE YOU!!!

Mary Ann (Crockett) Ahlstrom said...

What an awesome idea for a birthday and it sounds like so much fun! Happy birthday Cade.

paige and jord said...

you're such a great wife ash. and happy birthday again cade! (when is this bowling match gonna happen.... we are waiting on you cade!) CALL US

Preston & Shawnee said...

I love this post! What a great idea Ashley, that is going to be such a fun memory for Cade. We still owe Cade his free game of bowling, let us know when you guys are free!!

Mackay Family said...

Happy late Birthday Cade! That is the cutest idea ever. Only you could come up with something so clever! Loved it!

Anonymous said...

We too think your the greatest, but then you already know how we feel. Love Mommy and Pops