Tuesday, February 24, 2009

things i am loving right now

1. asparagus

this tasty treat is really hitting the spot lately. despite the fact that it makes your pee stink, i think this is the greatest vegetable ever. besides tasting great, it is a good source of potassium and fiber. plus, i have discovered (thanks to my mother) the greatest way to eat it. put a little bit of butter and salad supreme on these babies and then pop them in the oven to roast up. when they are looking a little softer, pull them out and sprinkle fresh parmesan or mozzarella on top and get ready for a mind blowing experience.

i love you, asparagus.

2. the binder and binder guy

i cannot get enough of this guy lately. these commercials make me laugh for so long. who advised this guy to wear a cowboy hat!? is he losing hair? is it just 'him' to wear one? thank you binder and binder for making my commercial breaks during cash cab worth sticking around for.

3. swimming

(it should be noted that the above picture is not of me)
move over dara torres! maybe not really- but i am really loving my swimming class this semester. it is such a great way to exercise and it is so fun. the only part that stinks is when i get out of the pool, i have to bike home in the icy, logan weather. my hair freezes in huge chunks by the time i get back to our apartment- but it makes a warm shower seem even better.

4. soft tissues and warm blankets

i have a cold that i cannot shake! i am just going to go ahead and assume i got this cold after biking home with wet pool hair all the time- but that isn't going to stop me. i use so many tissues a day and after running completely out of portable tissues sleeves recently- i have resorted to carrying around a roll of toilet paper. judge me all you want- i am sure my classmates do- but when i need relief, i feel no shame in whipping that roll out and tearing off a few squares. i really need to get rid of this bug...

5. this song

i know there is no real video on the above link, but the song is fantastic. cade and i have been dancing around our apartment to this song for the past couple of weeks. i actually caught cade dancing with his ipod in while doing the dishes the other day. trust me when i say he has some sweet moves. the song is by a band called mgmt who started up as part of a thesis on indy pop. they have crazy videos and their songs can be equally interesting- but if i were you i would get this on your workout playlist asap.


Leslea said...

seriously Ashley....you make me laugh so hard!
I'm glad you're eating your veggies though, maybe it will help to clear up that cold.

Cade said...

I love that Ashley love's these things.


I love table tennis by the way.

Mackay Family said...

Now I want to eat asparagus. Going to have to try your recipe! Hope you get beat that darn cold! You make me laugh.

The Ball Family said...

I love asparagus too. I didn't know, however, that it made your pee stink. Uhh gross. Try cooking it on one of those grill pans with olive oil and garlic salt. It is so good.

Austin and Leslie said...

Sorry about the cold - no fun. I would advise to NOT bike home in the cold after swimming ;)

Brownies said...

Oh, I totally thought that was a picture of you swimming. Glad you cleared that up.

holtkamp said...

cute blog ash! i'm with you on asparagus but dave thinks it gross. love ya!