Sunday, December 16, 2012

spartan beast

the spartan beast. the race of all races. complete. 
cade came home a while ago with the idea in his head that he and some work friends would compete in a 13 mile obstacle course designed to crush the normal person. i thought he was kidding... but no, cade was serious about the beast. 
so he and his buddies started training. a few trail runs here, biking through their lunch breaks, hiking into the mountains to throw big boulders around- just the usual workouts you do to feel like a man, right? 
the day of the race came and these guys were ready! all that rock throwing really paid off. they did awesome! 

crawling under barbed wire, spear throwing, carrying big barrels of water, mud trenches, climbing walls- it was no easy feat!

violet, ivy and i were all there to cheer on daddy. it was a scorcher that day and the course had NO sign of shade for my poor babies. luckily i had packed water and snacks to keep the tummies at bay- but i needed to find some way to keep the girls cool. luckily, i spotted a man about to throw away a large box that he had been using to hold bananas for the competitors. i quickly macgyvered that box into a little shade oasis for my girls. we got a lot of strange looks, but those girls sitting in that box were the coolest spectators to be found. 
i, on the other hand, was a sweaty mess. 

it is hard to imagine how hot it was when this race happened. i am so far behind on my blog- the race was literally 6 months ago! now we are knee deep in snow and freezing our britches off. trust me, it was HOT in june... 

so back to cade.
he finished! isn't he so handsome crossing the finish line? i really was so proud of him. 

violet wanted nothing to do with him while he looked like this:
luckily, they had some freezing cold water coming from high pressure hose- who wouldn't love that!? cade rinsed off just in time for a photo with his work buddies. 
he is one, tough spartan beast. 

one more cute little video to add...violet loved training with her daddy. one requirement of the race was to do burpees in the event that you aren't able to complete an obstacle. cade was always practicing burpees around the house so... naturally violet was too. she is pretty good at them! 

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