Wednesday, December 26, 2012

pioneer day- an unexpected party!

we didn't have any concrete plans coming into pioneer day this year- but that didn't stop us from having a great time. i got a call in the morning from some family that they were headed to the park. since cade had to work, i packed the girls up and made the best of the holiday. we met up with cousins to play. even granny and grandpa were there.
as the kids ran wild, we started to formulate plans for the evening celebration. i knew that cade would love nothing more than a night of cornhole with his fam so we decided to take the celebration to our house. we picked up a butt load of the most delicious thai food you can find, laid out some blankets and chairs and enjoyed a great celebration.

 speaking of butt loads, we also got a ZILLION fireworks to set off. the kids were in heaven...
you couldn't have planned this day better! it turned out great (despite the ravenous lehi mosquitos who were ready to feast...). the pioneers would have been proud!

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