Wednesday, December 26, 2012

july roundup

besides trips to the pool, laying on the grass, taking sunday drives and playing through the house, we kept very busy in july! here are some of the things we did... 

bike training
cade had a race to train for all summer so he managed to get a few good training runs in. 

the speeds he hits are CRAZY. i don't like to think about it. but... it is more reassuring to know that he wears a helmet now.

there were tons of fires this summer. the mountains were always smoking and billowing... it was a little scary but nothing was ever close to us. the hot weather sure took its toll in 2012.

 date nights
i just love all the people in this photo- so i didn't want to leave it out. this was after we all spent an evening giggling through moonrise kingdom. we missed you, ky!

peace out...
i had a bunch of my neighborhood friends move out this last summer. i was SO sad to see them go. my running group went from 5 to 2. i miss them so much but i know they are happy where they all are.

violet's first friend party
vi enjoyed her very first birthday party- and enjoyed is an understatement. her friend maylee was having a princess party and asked that all of her attendees dress up. violet was thrilled to wear her snow white dress. snow white is still her favorite princess. i could not, however, convince her to wear anything under the dress... "princesses don't do that!"

the party was a blast- complete with a princess my neighbor hired who showed up decked out as a princess. big hair, lotsa makeup, her own made up princess songs for the kids to dance to as she sang. i was highly entertained...

garden explosion
our garden hit a growth spurt this month and we found ourselves swimming in tomatoes. luckily, snow white and her little sister, ivy, love grape tomatoes. whenever we would go out to pick, the girls could both be found with huge, lumpy cheeks that had been stuffed full with tomatoes.

xactware summer party

the annual summer party for cade's work is always something to look forward to. we led up to the party with mini golfing for the family and a larger golf tournament for the employees. the prizes are always great- and one year i won- so we tend to take this tournament pretty seriously. unfortunately  golfing with a baby in a sling isn't all that easy. and THAT is my excuse for us not winning this year! i hope i have an excuse next year... 
the party was held at seven peaks. they rent it out just for xactware so it is short lines, lots of food, and dippin dots GALORE. we loved it. i was pregnant last year and they wouldn't let me ride anything so this year we took full advantage. violet was a great sport and went on everything we asked her to. she is a dare devil! ivy didn't complain either.. but she doesn't quite know how to complain yet. 

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