Sunday, January 8, 2012

let the christmas parties begin: granny woolf's party

the day after thanksgiving is not only dedicated to shopping like crazy (which we did ALL night) but also to granny woolf's christmas party. i am writing this post very late (thanksgiving was a month and a half ago...) but it is very tender to write about this party today. this morning, dear granny woolf passed away and was finally able to be reunited with her beloved husband. she lived a beautiful life and i plan to write a post about the remarkable woman she was. this christmas party was the last time that violet, ivy and i got to be with granny woolf so it has become even more special.

this party is always a fun time to meet together, eat some pizza, exchange some gifts and play warball. a lovely tradition-of-a-night!

violet sure is loving the concept of presents this year... she hovered around this pile all night.

granny woolf had the best seat in the house that night. she was sure to tell us how much she loved all of us and how proud she was of us all. after that, she cozied into the couch and watched the festivities play out.

i am sure she marveled at the sight of her posterity all gathered together that night. i hope she felt how grateful we all are for her example.

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Abby said...

This perspective is WONDERFUL.