Sunday, January 15, 2012

i love to see the temple

before christmas rolled around, we made our way to temple square with a few of our closest friends to see the lights. violet has been learning the song "i love to see the temple" at church lately, so she was especially excited to SEE the temple AND to sing her song- which she did a few times while we were there.

first we grubbed.

then we bundled up- because it was beyond cold.

we saw a few sights.

and then we HUSTLED into the nearest open door to get a little warm again. i'll say it again: it was so cold.

it was so nice and warm... that we decided to stay a while.

and finally, we tried (yet again) to pull off the "casual laughing shot." a few years ago, cade took this picture at our annual light-seeing extravaganza.

and since then, we have tried a few times to reenact the shot. this year, the boys' shot was another bust. remember, we were going for "casual."

the girls' shot just shows how witty kylee is...

overall, a great night with fabulous people.

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The Nortons said...

Great pics! In the boys' candid pic, Cade looks like he is choking on a chicklet or something.