Sunday, January 8, 2012

festival of trees

with all of violet's christmas excitement, i thought that going to the festival of trees this year was a MUST. if she thought our tree was pretty and that the neighbors have cool lights, she would be psyched out of her gourd to see the lights at the festival, right?

well, she liked the trees just fine- but what she REALLY loved was all the dancing. off to either side of the trees, there were perfomances from local dance groups. as the little girls took stage, violet's eyes lit up. all she wanted to do was dance.

the dancing started as she was sitting on cade's shoulders, but when he finally put her down, she busted out more moves .

this girl loves to dance.

where was ivy? you guessed it... this little lovey sat cozy and happy in her seat. mesmerized by the lights, the music, and her sister's dancing.

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