Sunday, May 15, 2011

old friends. good friends.

a few weekends ago, cade and i went to a baby shower for cade's childhood friend, kristine. the gildea family moved in next to cade when he was about 3 and from the beginning, he became friends with all five of the girls. i love hearing stories about cade skipping down the street to buy their donuts or bringing a goose to their house that was twice his size. he has a special place in his heart for the gildeas and i can tell that they love him right back.

i, too, have come to love these beautiful gals. i know they will always be great friends. it was fun to celebrate this exciting time with them at the shower.

vi loved the shower because auntie kate sure knows how to dish out the treats! she also wears pretty earrings...

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Kristine L. said...

Thanks again for coming! It was great to see you!