Sunday, May 15, 2011

headstart 5k

last month, headstart hosted a 5k for all families and employees to run. since my sister, mandy, works there, we decided to run the race together! since this baby made her way into my belly, i haven't been too keen on running- but i sure love to walk! so.... walk i did! it really was a fun race. headstart is such a great community program and i love being involved with their activities.

here we are at the beginning of the race. i really thought my sweatband looked cooler than it actually does. these pictures sure set the record straight... that mistake has been noted. we were all excited to be there- grammy, nana, gramps, mandy, owen, cade, violet, emo, and pete!

as the race got underway, it was fun to get moving!

grammy was a sport to push violet while i snapped some shots.

emo was FAST she took second place for all the women! here she is pointing to the girl ahead of her that she is vowing to catch...

cade got a great run in as well. he was sure to give everyone he passed a high five. living up to the theme of his outfit, he really was captain america that day.

LOVE these ladies...

post race, violet was ready to get OUT of that stroller. she loved playing on the playground and going down the slides all by herself. this baby truly is addicted to adventure!

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Abby said...

I bet YOU would have won Ashley if you could have gotten a "head start."