Sunday, May 15, 2011

EASTER: dyeing, divas and deliciousness

we were really excited for easter this year. last year, violet was just a little baby. her dress barely fit and she didn't understand any of the events we went to. this year, however, she was an active participant in everything! it is crazy how quickly she has grown up.

we started the celebrations with some egg dyeing. vi wasted no time cracking her egg open and taking big bites full of shell and egg. yummy!

the rest of us dyed all 8 dozen eggs using fun, new techniques. this has always been an enjoyable tradition to look forward to.

as we were gathering up all our eggs after the dyeing was done, i was searching for the dozen eggs we brought so i could pack them up. they were seemingly missing- until we opened the fridge and found that not a single one of them had been dyed. i forgot to put them out when all the fun started! so, in the end, we came with white eggs and left with white eggs... but somewhere in the middle, there was LOTS of color.

next up was easter morning. i was excited because i remember easter mornings growing up. we would hunt for candy, check out the stash from the easter bunny, snack on egg salad sandwiches for breakfast and then get ALL gussied up for easter pictures outside. i thought that since violet was getting older, this tradition could easily get started this year!


violet woke up with this look on her face:

and it NEVER left.

she went to bed the night before an angel- and woke up easter morning a diva. she was mad that she had to get up and see what the easter bunny brought. she was mad that she had to get gussied up. she was especially mad that we wanted to take pictures of it all. diva, diva diva.

at church, whenever someone came to talk to her- even her FAVORITE people- she was quick to put out a hand and say, "no!" later, when we went to cade's sister sadie's house, she kept up the tude by wandering around giving looks and refusing to eat. cade and i didn't let it get us down. we had a great time!

i was hoping a little nap on the way to grammy's would help ease vi's angry spell... but...

no. she wouldn't eat again and was just mad about all the events going on.

my last hope was the egg hunt. violet has been loving playing with all the plastic eggs the season has to offer at home, so i thought she would at least be excited for the egg hunt. turns out- that was the one event she liked! she learned early that if you throw the eggs on the floor, they crack open and are FULL of candy. by this time, we were happy to see her in a better mood so i didn't even flinch when she stuffed her mouth full of jelly beans
and cracked open another egg.

we all love the egg hunt because as we all get older, the eggs become more valuable. this year, there was some cash to be found...

i don't know how cade got grammy to pose for this picture but i have been literally laughing for the past 20 minutes about it. make it rain, grammy!

by the time easter was over, our little diva was done. she was ready for bed! i was really concerned that our easy-going baby had transformed overnight into some new creature. the next morning, however, my worries went away as we found her two top teeth had finally broken through- gleaming white against those swollen gums. our easter diva was simply teething. and she woke up an angel once again.

really though, the day was great. we spent it with our families eating delicious food, chatting and laughing. we really are thankful for such a close and loving family. we are also thankful for the easter season and the chance it gives all of us to reflect on what matters most: the savior.

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