Sunday, November 21, 2010

i sew wish i could sew....

i have always wanted to sew. i have clothes i want to alter, baby clothes i want to make and i am always thinking of projects that i could do- if only i knew how to sew. cade gave me a sewing machine last christmas to encourage my creative juices... but i shyed away after i sat down to make my first project and failed. so a few months ago, a pamphlet came in the mail advertising classes offered through UVU extensions. when i saw that there was a sewing class offered in lehi, i was ready to try again. so, i called my sister and we decided that we would take the course. a few days later my mom found out we were going to pay for a sewing class- and she wouldn't let us do that. she made a great argument: why pay someone to teach you how to sew something you don't even want to make- like pajama pants or a pot holder? why couldn't she teach us instead?

free sewing class with a fabulous teacher? she sold us. we started meeting once a week to have sewing class with miss leslea where we could work on projects WE wanted to make.

first projects:


these were easy enough....we passed lesson one with a b average (just don't look too closely at my crooked seams.

with such great success behind us, we decided to take on a harder task... a much harder task.
halloween costumes.
i had no idea how much work goes into making a simple costume, but i quickly learned that i had jumped into a project waaaaaay over my head. i am pretty sure i quit at least once per lesson.

but we stuck with it...

truly, i couldn't have asked for a better sewing class. there was plenty of time to chat, giggle and eat yummy food. i loved spending all that time with my mom and sister. violet loved all the time she got to spend with gramps. she was spoiled rotten.

in the end, violet's elephant costume turned out to be a success and owen's dinosaur/dragon (he kept changing his mind on what he wanted...) was awesome. picking such a difficult project right off the bat taught me a whole bunch. i feel much more confident behind the needle now. my mom and aunt lynette sure helped me to get it done in time- and i thank you both for it! violet loved wearing it- and she looks so cute in it!

my next sewing projects all involve, i am sure, will follow. i am just a regular martha stewart.

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