Thursday, November 4, 2010

homecoming in logan

we have a yearly tradition (i can say that it is yearly because this year is officially "year 2") to go to utah state for the homecoming festivities. we have made a pact with eddie, kylee, sam and allie to try and do this every year until we are finally the oldest folks in the stands...and also the oldest folks to climb the steps to be true aggies.

this was violet's first trip to a usu football game outside of the womb and she liked it MUCH more than she did the byu game. probably because the stands weren't as full with screaming fans as the byu game... anyway, i made violet her elephant costume for halloween this year and cade wanted her to wear it as much as possible. thus, she wore it to the game.

notice how we are all smiles in the photo below.

this was about 20 minutes before the torrential rain came down in sheets and completely drenched the stadium. we brought enough umbrellas for everyone but that didn't stop the rain from flowing down the steps and puddling around us. plus, our umbrella fortress was no match for the wind and the drippage that seemed to sneak off the umbrellas and onto our clothes.

needless to say, sometime during the second quarter kylee, allie, violet and i all left for drier ground. the boys, of course, went and snagged better seats where they could heckle the opposing team best. the girls ended up at allie's house where she was kind enough to let me borrow some clothes while we put mine in the dryer.

as you can tell, i am an amazon compared to allie. you can also tell that i didn't plan on anyone seeing my socks this day.

the game aside, the rest of our logan trip was great. we were able to eat at our favorite thai restaurant, see some good friends and enjoy another slumber party.

cade even ran into his old friend geoffrey. you better believe we pulled the car over to flag him down and take this picture. he wasn't as excited as cade about the reunion...mostly because we didn't give him a ride to the library.

i love logan. i truly do miss it. as we were driving into town, i got all teary eyed when i saw all the main street windows painted and all the college kids walking around. it was a fun place for cade and i to meet and make so many memories. even though the aggies were slaughtered by hawaii in the homecoming game, it was a great time for us.

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Missy said...

Oooh, this post left me feeling very nostalgic! Logan will always have a little corner of my heart :)

PS love the socks