Wednesday, November 3, 2010

hee haw farms

this fall, violet and i ventured over to hee haw farms a few times to get a good look at all the animals and to pick a few pumpkins. vi is in her element when she is outside and hee haw farms has some of her VERY favorite things to offer...

watching kids play

violet really is a social baby. she loves to watch the kids and squeals right along with them. you can tell she wants to get out there and play with them.

she even loved watching her uncle brad play on the display tractor...


violet loves all animals... and coincidentally, all animals love violet. seriously. she has so many dogs and cats who love her to pieces. my dogs at my parents' house are committed to protecting her and gertrude can't help but give her kiss after kiss after kiss. violet loves it.

hee haw farms has animals-a-plenty for all your mauling pleasure. along with her cousins, vi loved petting and playing with the animals.

once owen realized this goat was taking a time out, he too sat down and chatted with him a while.


another violet favorite at hee haw farms is all the hay... all the hay you can eat. if those pincher fingers got anywhere near hay, they would clamp down and shove the goods into her mouth as fast as possible.

plus, hay means hay rides...

we loved the warm fall weather and hee haw farm. we look forward to going back to the farm this spring to see all the baby animals!

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Abby said...

I really don't know how you can stand it. Vi is too precious for words. All those grandkids on your side are yummy. I just want to pinch Addy's cheeks. I've said it before and I'll say it again, that Owen resembles my Grahambies in a way that makes me very endeared to him.