Monday, September 20, 2010

ulcer: year 2

the day after the wedding, cade rode in the ULCER again for his second year. the ULCER, meaning Utah Lake Century Epic Ride, is a 109 mile race around utah lake. cade had such a good time last year that he decided to convince a few work buddies to join him in the race this year.

as expected, cade was the only rider we saw in the entire race on a single speed bike. he kept up with the "multi-gear" riders- giving many of them a good run for their money. it is fun seeing people notice that cade is riding a single speed- they are always shocked and impressed. i just sit back and soak in all the glory for him... almost as if it were me on the bike.... but then i remember i am not as tough as this:

violet and i joined jen in trying to catch glimpses of the riders en route... but that was a flop. it was near impossible to gauge when they would be at a certain checkpoint- so we pretty much missed them at all checkpoints, including the finish line.

we did manage to find them right after they finished... so the sweat had not completely dried yet.

cade really does love cycling so it is fun to see him in his element. i keep thinking that one day we will need to get him a legit racing bike- but he insists this one is utilitarian and perfect for what he needs. one day we will amp up his ride, i guess.

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the Eggett's said...

Way to go Cade! Impressive he is able to do such a distance on a single speed.

My brother in-law did the ulcer this year and he said it was harder than all the 3 marathons he has run, combined. Cade must be quite the athlete.