Wednesday, September 1, 2010

to the pier!

after all those tingles in alcatraz, we wanted to spend the rest of the day just hanging out at the pier. i think the hardest part about traveling with 25 people is staying together. there just comes a time when we can't all clump together. thus- we were strewn about on the pier in little mini groups that would change and reform.

we truly were having a grand old time. these pictures prove my point quite well:

we ate at bubba gump's (where cade went out on a limb and ordered a HAMBURGER) and walked around all the fun shops. my favorite find was a little jewelry shop which all the girls invaded and were soon draped in all sortsa sparkly things. i don't have many pictures of the shopping experience- mostly because my hands were busy pulling things off the shelves, sorting through merchandise and clutching my finds white-knuckled when i knew i had to put them back. i love shopping. the pier was an interesting place full of interesting little stores. at the end of the day we all walked away with the most arbitrary buys. let's just say as a family we had rounded up a pair of shoes, a brooch, some chocolate and a pair of hooked knives used for tree climbing or really messing someone up. there was something for everyone.

so there you have it: the pier.

now it is time to love us some violet.

i know cade has his eyes closed in this picture but little vi has the sweetest smile.

we just can't get enough of this little lovey.


Jessica Madsen said...

Love reading the updates of your trip. Looks like an amazing vacation!

LAINA said...

So far looks like your san fran trip was awesome! I have never been but plan on going one of these days.