Sunday, September 26, 2010

memories of moosehorn

now that mandy, brad and owen have moved to utah, we wanted to celebrate by having a big bullough family campout and fishing trip. so we took off to:

(yes, we have a slight obsession with glow sticks)

i love camping at moosehorn lake. we went there often when i was a child and i can still remember fishing with my dad on the shore while eating choke-bread sandwiches. we haven't been in years so it was great to be back up there with the family (including the latest additions). cade had just had his surgery- literally we walked out of the doctor's office, got in the car, and drove to moosehorn. he was still a trooper to come along. that is a great quality of cade: nothing ever slows him down and nothing is ever too big of an obstacle.

it was august- so i figured it wouldn't be too cold, right? wrong. good thing i came prepared... and good thing nana brought new pjs for all the kids. layers were our friends this weekend. gramps even helped vi out by putting his gloves on her feet to keep them extra warm.

she had a great time watching us all set up camp.

since our spot was right off the shore, we took advantage by taking plenty of boat rides, hiking around the lake and lots of fishing.

vi looooved touching the fish. really. so, we were sure to keep her hands nice and clean. owen and addy both caught their first fish. they weren't as fond of touching the fish as violet was...

our hike was a little crazy. we decided to take 3 of the dogs with us... plus owen and violet... plus cade with his surgery leg. we had to take turns passing a child or a dog from person to person over the rocks to find a way through but we made it.

the kuwadas gave us a nice little sleep sack for violet when she was born and it was PERFECT for the trip. we would layer her pjs, wrap her in three or four blankets and then slip her into the sack for the night. her look was complete with socks on her hands and a beanie for her head. we were not about to let this little one get chilly.

heather was a trooper as well. she was about ready to pop with little baby macy and she ended up delivering just a few days after we got home.

it is sad that camping season is coming to an end. i love the chill in the air but summer is my favorite time of year. the possibilities are endless and there is always something to do. i welcome the beauty of fall but i am nervous about the upcoming cold (and the sickness it usually bring along as well). it really was great to get out with the family and enjoy moosehorn once again.

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Leslea said...

Your dad was reading this blog and he said "I don't remember putting gloves on Violet's feet" to which I replied, I know, those are my gloves and I put them on her cold little feet! Love you..and love reading about the Moosehorn adventures.