Monday, August 9, 2010

utah arts festival

i am still playing catch up... i know this happened a really long time ago- but i need to document things like this for my books. let's be honest, this blog is the closest thing i have to a scrapbook so don't judge.
my sister scored some free tickets to the arts festival this year. i loved every second of it. not only for the fab people watching (which is always a treat) but also for the great shopping. true to form, everything i fell in love with and had to have turned out to be at least a hundred bucks so i didn't end up with much of anything. regardless, the thai food was yummy, the company was perfect and violet was a champ.
really though, there was some great art to check out- and some interesting pieces as well. like this special puppet:
yes, it is a puppet. you pull ropes and it moves around like a giant, stripped down pinocchio. it freaked us all out a little bit. probably because it looks like slim goodbody after he was in a serious fight with a feral cat. if you aren't familiar with slim, may i suggest you google his profile?
the thing i love most about the photo above is that cade took it using a suuuper long shutter speed. thus, you see people blurred throughout the shot as they are coming, going and walking amongst the shops. there is one group of people, however, who have not blurred in the least. you will notice the three shoppers on the right (my mom, my sister and i) are stuck in the shot googling over pricey jewelry, i am sure. this is indicative of how the entire night was spent: cade and brad playing with their cameras while the women drooled on fancy rings, earrings and matching necklaces.

to the arts!

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