Wednesday, August 11, 2010

fourth and ten: the celebrations continue

to celebrate the fourth, we always gather at granny's house under her huge weeping willow for some good eats and good times.

she lives just a few houses away from byu stadium so it is always fun to overhear the performances and watch the fireworks. after all the fun at the lake, little vi was pretty much done with the day.

we just think she's the bee's knees.

we also celebrated at mandy's house with fireworks and food again. i love having her so close- it is fun to have all the family around again. she lives so close, in fact, that we decided to ride bikes over to her house this night. we don't have anything for vi to ride in so cade decided he could push her stroller while riding his bike. it was a hillbilly parade as we rode together down the road. people were staring and laughing but it actually worked quite well.

what a great fourth!

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