Wednesday, August 11, 2010

freedom run

with the fourth falling on a sunday, cade was able to have monday off as well. so to further the celebrations, we entered in the freedom run 5k. i hadn't really run much since having vi so it is an understatement to say that i was out of shape- nevertheless, we ran with a group of our close friends and had a great time singing, taking turns with vi and waving the flags. here is a little video cade made about the run... enjoy!


Amberlin Baxter said...

beautiful, I laughed, I cried. For reals I almost did tear up a bit..I miss running that race!

Abby said...

Wow! I was glad to see the casualness of a 5k and that many people walk too. Our stake has one on Sat and I'm getting a little nervouse.
Oh...and Cade's voice gets pretty amazing right there at the end of the video!

Amy Jane said...

Freedom Run? No, Xactware Run! I watched it without the sound (at Obelis) and I was just imagining what everyone was, Cade, Karlyn, Jen, etc...I'm proud of you for running it!