Sunday, June 14, 2015

march roundup!

march was a crazy busy month for us... simply because we suddenly decided to move and buy a new house! really, the decision seemed so fast- one day we were planning on putting wood flooring into our livingroom and the next week, we had found a house, a realtor, and were prepping to go!

our 1776 house will always be a part of us. we became parents there. we became pet owners there. we painted, built, gardened, and remodeled there. we lived SO happily for 3 1/2 years at 1776. the neighborhood felt like home. we knew everyone around us and loved them! it felt so great to be established in a place that felt so welcoming. truly, we were sad to go.

we put the house on the market and just a few days later it sold. those few days, however, were rough going! the house had so many showings that we could never be home! I would pack the car full of everything i thought we would need and then disappear. i took the girls to parks to play and would nap them in neighbors' houses. when we were home, we needed to keep everything "show ready" so it was actually no fun. what a blessing to sell in such a short time! i don't think we could have done it a minute longer!

after we sold, we had the rest of the month to enjoy some time before we moved. we loved our last easter there.
vi was finally old enough to get what was going on... and she was pretty excited to show ivy what easter was all about.
they had swimsuits, puzzles, bubblebath, and books stuffed into their baskets.

ivy caught on really quick when she saw candy was in the eggs. every video we have of her from this day shows her mouth FULL of candy. it was heaven for her. 

 we got gussied and headed off to church.

 and then it was off to grammy's for more easter hunt fun.

 also this month, cade traveled south for work and did what any dude does in texas: gets himself a convertible and goes to see the alamo. he'll never forget.

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