Sunday, June 14, 2015



 we really could not get enough of ivy. she has the cutest, little, raspy voice and is always yelling out for "biolet." she tells us to "chout" (watch out) and yells, "MINE!" whenever possible. we love, love, love her. 

violet had her very first dance recital this month. she danced to "polka dots, checks, and stripes" which was quite the mouthful for a three-year-old to say. it made it all the more adorable. she loved her dance class and made a lot of cute friends. 

one of our last moments to enjoy at home was general conference. we made a big fort for the girls and packed up the house as we listened. 

louise found a soft spot out of reach of the kids... so... naturally she curled up. the cats couldn't come with us in the move so we were sure to love on them every second. louise went to live with my cousin ryan and his family and sookie went to live with lindsey and the geertsen group. 
then the packing started. 

 cade got a bunch of boxes from the liquor store with the hopes that we could create a giant assembly line in our moving process to make it as quick as possible. it was a GREAT solution!!! 
a lot is neighbors showed up to send us off. GOOD PEOPLE. they make me wanna be better. 

we stored all of our house stuff in granny and grandpa's garage. they were SO nice to let us take it over for 6 months. 

 the rest of our gear was taken with us for the next 6 months to live with nana and gramps. after what felt like a MONTH inside packing our house up, it was great to spend time as a family on walks, hikes, and with those we love. 

 ivy thought she was a big girl at nana's. but... she's not quite ready. ;)
the girls LOVE being with the dogs all day. 

and ivy basically gets whatever she wants from gramps. chocolate cake for breakfast? you got it! 

lots of cousin time... 

and some great accidental matchy moments with my mama. 

 nana and gramps live in a great location- so many trails nearby! cade took the girls on a hike to this little lake. they were little troopers! violet hiked the whole way to the lake! she did need a lift on the way back... 

other april notables:

 cade was a trooper to help out around the house

 provo temple looking all cool. 

and that's april. 

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