Sunday, January 6, 2013

my best friend's wedding

it isn't everyday your best friend ties the knot- so when the day came to see laney marry the man she loves, we really took the opportunity to party with her. i wanted to celebrate as much as i could, and that celebrating came easy because she was radiating happiness- enough for us all to share in!

through the years, laney and i have always had our own, unique relationship. we understood one another when others didn't, we stuck by one another when times were hard, we picked up where we left off despite living on opposite sides of the world and did so again when we lived on opposite sides of the country. i love laney. she is strong, faithful, funny, unique, honest, and a little crazy. i look forward to being 79 with laney and laughing our butts off together at something that everyone else thinks is stupid.

because laney lives so far away (think DC) we rarely get to see one another. she had called me once to tell me she had met "the one." she had told me all about him. i could picture him- but it became necessary that i meet this jerry. so, when the couple finally made their way to UT for the wedding, we jumped at the chance to go to dinner together.
i have seen laney date boys here and there as we have grown up together. i have seen her happy- but i had never seen her quite so changed as i saw when i first met jerry+laney that night at dinner. janey, if you will, is giddy. janey is open, loving, and kind. janey is a laney+jerry in love. i could not be more thrilled!

a few days later, cade and i were lucky enough to watch this incredible couple be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. i loved it all.

then we partied.

the reception was on the ground of the SL capitol building. it was awesome. best reception spot i have ever been to.

at the end of the reception, there was an open mic. laney had asked mj and i to perform something for the crowd. we thought through a few of our favorites (backstreet boys, kid cudi, ingrid) but in the end, we performed a rap medley describing laney and jerry's courtship. cade filmed the event- and even though you can barely hear it on this video, the crowd loved it. watch it here. 

a great day! here are links to the videos cade made about all the day's events. these videos were our real gift to the couple- and we hope they can look back on the day and remember all the fun.


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