Sunday, January 27, 2013

august roundup

august was a busy one. here is a rundown of the rest of the month's events- all packed into one post.

xactware updates
cade's department made a move in the building in august that left cade with a far better view. he was sure to take a before and after photo of the move...

xactware also broke ground on their new building site here in lehi! we are thrilled to have cade's work moving closer to us. it will be an impressive new building- and cade is really loving his work there. they had a large groundbreaking ceremony- and cade was lucky enough to get a photo with the x. looking like a boss.

 those pass of all passes are alright. they work wonders on our little daredevil who kept telling me to go faster on the go-carts. she is crazy
 pinyon fire fame
cade had a fabulous view of the pinyon fire from his new office so he decided to make a little movie out of it. the movie turned out to be pretty cool so he just passed it along to kevin eubank over at channel 5. nbd. turns out the video was really cool- cool enough, in fact, to show for 2 days on the news during the weather section! cade is such a local celeb these days.

here is the link to the video he made: Pinyon Fire

summer time and the livin's easy
ivy is pretty much the cutest thing ever in august (at least when she doesn't have sidewalk chalk in her mouth). summer has treated the taylor girls well.  vi is getting so grown up. that is an easy way to sum up how she now all of a sudden insists on doing everything herself and has an opinion about everything. could not love these girls more.

i play volleyball quite regularly here in lehi- which has been awesome. we have quite the talented group of ladies in my neighborhood so the level of play is always pretty good! we made a team and entered into a city league. i love playing competitively. i also love hearing the cheers from the sidelines. "go mommy!" and "go violet's mommy" (which i often heard from a neighbor boy). loved the fans. 

our team played all the way to the championship match and barely lost. such a bummer. but we did get these great, pink tees.

good friends
we love time spent with those we love- and we love the nortons. 

bloom is the annual charity gala that cade and i volunteer at. this year, i was on the board and that sure kept me busy getting the decor ready and the place sparkling. luckily, the head start employees are a talented bunch of busy bees and the event went on without a hitch! the centerpieces turned out great- and we sold a ton of them! they were filled with edible microgreens (and of course the bloom daisy). it was nice to see it all put together that night.

 cade is always in charge of the video recap. lugging in all of his equipment left him looking like this:

but the end result was this video: BLOOM VIDEO

fun bus
cade had a date with the roulette table this month. and since i wasn't there, he cozied up with some interesting characters...

cornhole lives on
august was full of neighborhood parties, friend tournaments and battles between cade and i. we couldn't get enough. and look at the sky! we had to take advantage of such beautiful weather!

football started up again. byu ain't really my thang, but somehow cade ends up going to a few games each season. cade and ray even managed to sneak up to some pretty awesome seats during the "white out" game.

dancing queen
violet started dance this month with a little neighbor girl. it is a fairy-themed dance class (which is right up her alley). she may be a little young to start dance (most places wait until kids are 3) but she LOVES it. she listens well and follows along. i wasn't worried in the least after seeing her at her first lesson.


K. Norton said...

In fact, we love the Nortons so much, we have decided to move in with them....

Just testin' the waters, Ash (:

Abby said...

I thought Cade was asleep in that first office shot. Fun-ny. The new one looks quite refreshing. I also loved the photo of you and your mom running the Logan half. Love it.