Sunday, November 4, 2012

ten year reunion

ten years!? i still feel like i just graduated... seriously, i tried to be cool the other day with a 17 year old girl who's family just moved into my neighborhood. i was crackin' jokes and working pop culture into the chatter like crazy. the conversation ended with her saying something about hating to babysit.

ok. i get it. i am not as young as i think i am. nor as i am hip as i think i am. also, i feel like i understand less and less about electronics as the days pass. am i alone in this? should i just buy a house dress and call it a lifetime already?

back on topic... it has been ten years since i left brighton high school. and, in the spirit of tradition, we had a reunion. i was excited- i truly enjoyed high school and i have seen enough movies to know that reunions can get crazy! cade, however, wasn't too broken up about the fact that he would be out of town the day of the reunion, sending me to face my peers solo. lucky for me, my friend amber's husband wasn't too keen on going, so she and i were able to make it a date.

we really made the best of it....

the reunion was fun- a good time to catch up and chat. admittedly, i spent most of my time with the people i happen to see the most in real life anyway. i guess that is how it goes. you end up where you are comfortable. i was able to catch up with some long lost friends- but overall, i stayed with my besties. we even did a reenactment photo from our senior trip to newport beach.

a lot of people saw us doing this. and that's ok.

great night with friends... great rite of passage in life checked off the list: ten year reunion.

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