Sunday, November 4, 2012

sam + allie

sam and allie were married in june- and honestly , nobody could have been more happy for them than we were (maybe an overstatement? maybe not?). anyway, we celebrated with them as often as possible.

first, we spent some time with them making a video for their luncheon. ivy loved her time with uncle sam.
violet is still afraid that sam is going to put her in the fridge. a fear she is getting over.

shortly before the wedding, cade headed to vegas for a bachelor party that seems like a scene from a movie... not in a lewd way (there are all good boys), but in a crazy way. these guys really are one of a kind. cade didn't take many photos from the adventures, but i am sad to say that i can't upload a GREAT video of sam dancing like frankenstein on a crowded street. priceless. here are two photos i could round up from the trip:

and finally, the wedding. allie was gorgeous. sam was handsome. they were happy. we were all happy. we celebrated! 
(dear allie, i stole these two photos from your facebook. thanks.)

i am sad that i didn't get more photos of vi from the day. she was the party queen. it was an all day event for her but you could still find her happy as ever at the end of the day dancing to the tunes from the DJ. a trooper, i tell ya!

and if you have seventeen minutes or so and are missing sam and allie (emo... i think this is mostly for you... ) here is their video we helped them make. the interviews at the end are perfectly them.

love you, sam + allie.

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