Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Only Four Days Left to Vote!

Dear friends, voters, and readers of this blog...

This is a quick shout out to once again request and remind that you cast your daily votes for our Lowe's Man Cave Contest video.

In just four easy steps you can help us win first prize:

1 - Go to
2 - Enter e-mail & basic contact info.
3 - Answer 2 quick survey questions
4 - Vote for our video - "The More Baby Stuff In, The More Daddy Stuff Out"

You can vote once each day until the end of this week so your daily votes and any additional campaigning you can do would be MUCH appreciated.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Kayleen said...

I've been voting every day. I really hope you guys win!

Cade said...

Thank you Kayleen! Seriously, it means a lot to know that you have been voting every day.

Anonymous said...

You look familiar, I think used to go to USU. I voted for you today

Cade said...

Thank you for voting Anonymous.