Wednesday, June 30, 2010

meet our newest family member

as long as i have known cade, he has wanted a cat. since we have been married, cade has constantly threatened to come home with a kitty the first chance he gets. i, in return, threaten that if he ever did bring a cat home, he would be living with just the cat from then on. you see, i have never liked cats. growing up, we had dogs, guinea pigs, snakes, geese, birds, lizards, fish, crabs, salamanders, rabbits and toads- but NEVER a cat. truth is: i am afraid of cats. they have claws, persnickety personalities and i have even seen them bite. i NEVER wanted a cat.

well, a few weeks ago i was chatting with a neighbor who told me she recently had to get a cat after she realized that the mice were invading her house this spring. i thought to myself how tragic her life was- mice AND a cat!? that is HORRIFIC! well folks, i kid you not- that very day when i was cleaning up my kitchen i spotted something that looked vaguely familiar. could it be? yes... it was a mouse poopy. my neighbor cursed me. the next day, i found another. this was an all time low in the taylor home because i had a choice to make. we could...

a) pretend none of this is happening and see how long it takes the mice to completely take over
b) set traps or lay poison- both of which i want to keep far from little vi
c) get a cat or...
d) move

i figure option 'a' is just immature, 'b' was only a temporary solution, and 'd' would not guarantee that my next home would be mouse-free. so- would i REALLY consider option c????

well, it just so happened that the very week this little mouse (i like to pretend there was just one) made his appearance (i also like to think the mouse is a boy), my sister was making the move from denver to lehi. she was taking her dogs, but wasn't able to keep her cat. could this be the instant solution?

answer: yes.
cade is in heaven!

thus, sookie moved in and has made herself at home. she really is a pretty cat- even with those fangs and claws. i think she likes it here and i am slowly learning how to overcome this fear.

the best news of all: no sign of a single mouse.

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LAINA said...

That is awesome. She is so cute! I am sure Cade is so very happy. I have always thought it so funny that ANYONE that doesn't grow up with a cat has a dislike for cats, until they get one, then they usually end up loving it but often time will tell people that "they only love their cat but hate all other cats." Cats are great. They are so so so easy to take care of, love you even if they pretend not to, and keep the mice away. Even the scent of a cat being around sends those mice packing.

Hope you grow less afraid of her. I bet you do, I bet you even love her one day.

One thing for sure. Vi will adore her.