Monday, April 12, 2010

showered and showered

violet is one spoiled little baby. she was showered with gifts before she was even here! we had a great time at all of our showers- thanks to those who threw them and those who came. i didn't get pictures at all of them, but they were still a blast.

first, there was the shower with my high school friends. it was great to get together and gab about the past and about how strange it is to be growing up.

next, our good friends from college and cade's childhood threw us a coed shower. it was hilarious. for the majority of the guys, this was their first shower but you would never notice. they fit right in. we had great food, a power-point presentation and a spirited toast to baby violet.
and yes, for those of you wondering, i did spin so all could get a good feel of the baby.
next, there was my family shower at grammy's house. i loved seeing all the family together and those ladies know how to party. as the party was winding down, we realized that nobody had taken a picture the entire time! still fun!

then we had a shower thrown by the lovely ladies at work. i loved working at xactware and i really will miss all those fabulous women. violet and i will need to make frequent visits to fill our void.

and finishing up the shower tour was a stop at cade's sister's house for the taylor family celebration. i love these ladies. they always have a great spread and nobody left hungry. and check out the decor! luckily there was a camera this time.


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Abby said...

Power Point at a shower? What was it called, "How the sperm meets the egg?"