Monday, April 12, 2010

our new home

after months and months of searching, we finally found a house that was perfect for us. we gladly said goodbye to our apartment in orem and with a caravan of trucks, we headed to lehi. with all the help, packing went very smoothly.
it is pretty crazy to have a home to ourselves. we have lived in some pretty crazy places and we are so conditioned to hearing people all around us. now, we live in silence- and it has never sounded so good. after picking up a few items, the place is finally feeling like a home.
we only had a few weeks before violet was due so i spent as much time as possible organizing all our stuff. in the process, i found this gem of a box which was packed with all the notes my friends and i wrote to one another in junior high. since my feet and ankles were swollen solid, i wasted no time in reading every last one of them. let me just say, i am SO GLAD i don't have to deal with those hormones ever again (or at least until vi hits puberty).
and finally, if you come to our house you will get a tour- a COMPLETE tour. this, of course, includes a tour of cade's favorite room in the house: the crawl space.
cade's new project in this house is creating the ultimate man cave in our crawl space. he has rewired the entire thing for lighting, rounded up some carpet, put up a makeshift ceiling and has hired a neighbor boy to do some serious digging down there. you will have to wait for the "after" pictures.
while this is cade's new obsession, i am not so convinced the crawl space is a fun place to be. this picture just about sums up both of our thoughts on the project:

come visit us soon!


Laina said...

Can't wait to see it all. Especially the crawl space. See you soon.

holtkamp said...

wow! a house?! you guys are all grown up now. congrats! violet is adorable! we hope to see you guys around soon!