Tuesday, June 23, 2009

norton taylor boyle camping 09

i am pretty sure we have been off having some great adventures this june- and i have a bunch to catch up on...

first off is our camping trip to porcupine reservoir. i hesitate to talk this place up too much because it is such a well-kept secret; but because i trust most of you out there- here is my recommendation: go to porcupine.

after limited planning, we just headed up the mountain for a nice, little retreat. honestly speaking- this was at the beginning of june so my memory is a tad foggy, so i will just let the pictures speak for themselves.

here is our campsite right off the lake. despite what you're all thinking, there were no mosquitos. the water level was sooo high and the majority of the trees at this spot were buried. this left some fun moments trying to find some pee privacy. ever-clever kylee, however, came up with a great makeshift stall.

the canoe: we all freely climbed aboard which led to the song "six men in a little boat" to be sung whenever we passed fishermen or fellow campers. this also led to some canoe songs cade has picked up over the years. my paddle keen and bright, flashing like silver.....? we only managed to tip it once... well, i only managed to tip it once.

firewood: truth be told, we had little. some intoxicated men on another canoe, however, agreed to find us firewood in exchange for a hot dog. it was a done deal- and look what they brought back!

my name's sam, and i'm the man!

cream soda and hot dogs: need i say more?

cliff jumping: porcupine offers the best ledges to jump from. i think cliff jumping is one of the scariest things to do in the world. ever since my friends laney, beej and i jumped from that mammoth cliff in lake powell, i just get so nervous. my heart thumps and i start to imagine all the ways this idea cold go wrong and the next thing i know- i wish i was anywhere but on the side of that cliff. those willing to brave the frigid waters jumped and it turned out to be great. with blue lips and chattering teeth, we climbed the cliff and jumped again.

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Laina said...

GREAT songs from green river trips. Ashley, you need to experience the joy of the green river. Then you will know the bliss of the canoe and canoe songs.

Sounds like you guys had so much fun though. Camping is always a good time.