Sunday, June 28, 2009

a last hoorah- of sorts

we knew our life of ultimate freedom was coming to a close, so we had to go out with a bang. in the midst of packing and hauling stuff to our new apartment in orem, we took time to smell the poppies.

here's us just trying to look natural in a field of poppies. completely normal.

eddie and kylee invited us to go to a condo in eden for a few days. it was fabulous. eden is a beautiful little city nestled clear up in ogden canyon. we played mini golf, swam, hiked, slept and just enjoyed having nothing to do. it was a great escape.

cade and eddie found some cowboy hats somewhere, much to the girls' delight.

a bunch of friends joined us as well for dinner and the evening festivities. as you may notice, it was a bit chilly for a june evening.

it was perfect to get away and enjoy time with our friends.

later on, we were also able to attend the conor oberst and the mystic valley band show which was playing at library square in slc. cade is a huge bright eyes fan and i have been wanting to see conor in concert for a long time now (we even tried to go in paris while we were in europe). we were able to meet up with cade's cousin, dylan, and had a great time.

after that- the only thing left to do was get some aggie ice cream and make the move official.

for those of you who don't know, cade found a fabulous job as a marketing analyst for a company called xactware in orem. we were excited to move- but i was worried about getting a job myself. after applying to a few companies i ended up with 2 offers that were great- but i was having such a hard time deciding which offer to take! one job was a writing position and the other was in human resources. after much debate, poll taking and prayers- i chose the hr job. this decision shocked some people because i have always wanted to write- but i just felt so good about the hr job. plus- this means that cade and i will be working at the same company again! the hr job was at xactware as well. we couldn't have planned it better. even though we work in different departments and rarely see one another at work, it is fun to be with xactware together. we were the first husband and wife set to start on the same day. ya, we're pretty cool. but really- we are liking the jobs and excited about the future. here we are on our very first day of work in front of our new apartment.

and thus begins real life.


Mackay Family said...

Yea for you guys! Both of your jobs sound great. Fun that you will be working for the same company! Is Aggie ice cream better than other kinds of ice cream? Since you live close now you need to come up so that we can hang out...since I think I have met Cade maybe once. Sad day.

Steph said...

You know I think I was looking at your blog while you were looking at ours. Coincidence? I think not. I'm jealous you've found such an awesome job, AND within the same company as Cade! I'm still searching but it's kind of hard when the only thing I can say to them is "hi, how are you?" in Spanish :). Hopefully soon! I love your blog btw!

Anonymous said...

great post. We were excited to see you show up at the baby blessing and see your new pad. We love having you so close now. All is well in Zion now and with the Tayor clan. Love Mommy and Pops

Megan and Greg said...

Ah, finally! I've been wondering what jobs you guys got! Congrats! I can't believe you're at the same place again! That would be nice. Carpooling . . . eating lunch together . . .

The Hewletts said...

Welcome to "real life"....remember to make time for your sweet sissy in Colorado. I really am excited for you two and I expect updates. Love you!

Kayson and Cha said...

Where are you living?