Monday, May 18, 2009

logan + summer = fantastic

i love logan in the summer. sure, summer just started- but the love is pouring out thick up north and here is why...

cade and i went off to play tennis this week under the lights one night. the weather was perfect and the game was fun. we finished around 10 pm but we couldn't just let the night end so cade thought we should go camping.

that's right, we finally used the aztec for all it is worth. we rode up the canyon, found a spot and set up camp. everything worked great except the air mattress... we had to use a hand pump to fill it but by the time we laid down, the air had somehow sniggled out. nonetheless... logan + sporatic camping = fantastic

the next day was the weekly farmer's market at merlin olsen park. i love the market. we picked up a few tasty bread dips, some delicious feta cheese and a pair of earrings my friend audrey made. this week at the market, they also had the bike festival so we rode around on some sweet tandems and chatted with good friends while we enjoyed the weather. logan + lazy saturdays = fantastic.

later on, we went to a local restaurant in nearby paradise, utah called the cracker barrel (no, not the famous, national chain). here, cade odered what he calls the 'triple threat' meal for dinner. if you are wondering why you've never seen it on a menu before, let me explain. the 'triple threat' includes nothing but potato products: fries, spud knockers, and mashed potatoes. starch + local eateries + logan = fantastic.

sunday was spent sleeping in, church and then a great meal with friends. it was a fabulous sunday.

finally, cade and the boys found a new love this week: bike polo. they bought some ski poles from d.i. and got cracking making some mallets so they could play on their own. they got them done just in time for an evening game time and we had a blast.

the bmx is an excellent polo bike and cade is loving the game atop his fixed gear.

logan + bike polo = fantastic

we really do love it up here; however, as we are just beginning the job search, we realize that we will probably be leaving soon. for now, we are just loving the logan life and reveling in the fantastic.


the Eggett's said...

AhH! Ash you blog posts are always so refreshing to read! I am so genuinely pleased that you and Cade are finding so much joy in your adventures! Good luck on the job search!

{Rollins Bunch} said...

that car tent might be the COOLEST thing i have EVER seen!! I need one, in a bad way :)
where id it from?!?!?

glad your enjoying summer up there!

Mackay Family said...

You and Cade are always doing such fun things! Good luck to both of you finding jobs! Never been to Logan, but you make me want to!

Jess said...

You two are the greatest!! How fun!!

Megan and Greg said...

BIke Polo- wow. You have got to be skilled to do something like that. How do you not just ride into each other? I don't know. I have a hard enough time just riding straight. You guys are always having fun! I love you read about you. Your car! Crazy! I've never seen anything like that!

Lisa said...

you guys are so funny, i laugh at the creativity behind your lives in every single post. i miss you!

The Madsen Family said...

Ditto. Logan in the summer is my FAVORITE thing. I might have to spill my love and devotion for it on my blog too.

~SHERI said...

You guys are awesome.

Preston & Shawnee said...

Hey you two! So we've kinda been slackers on blogging lately, lots to catch up on! You guys seriously look like you've had a GREAT summer so far, you win the "funnest couple ever" award. I always look forward to reading your exciting blog posts :)
P.S. thanks for the baby congrats on your blog!!!