Friday, May 29, 2009

if last week were a sitcom...

episode one: light's out!

all the bulbs in the taylor's kitchen are burned out and they don't want to go to the store! ashley reaches for her new headlamp and saves dinner!

episode two: wendover... again!?

when birthdays roll around, the taylor's love to take the wendover fun bus. this time, their friend dorothea shows up with a new look and freaks everybody out. cade wins a benjamin in a drawing, ashley wins at bingo and hilarity ensues.

episode three: c&a salon opens for business

when ashley's mom wants her hair done, she let's ashley and cade take over the salon! the couple weaves in good times and color. later, she even let them give her a cut! this episode is all about trusting your family.

episode four: the birthday of all birthdays!

ashley's mom turns 50! the fun continues with celebrations galore! in this touching episode, everyone tells leslea how much they love her. cade's dad also shares this birthday!

episode five: macey's

this episode isn't the most entertaining. everyone goes grocery shopping.

episode six: the rehearsal bbq

may is a time for weddings! jackie is getting married! at the bbq dinner, cade eats way too many steaks and makes himself sick. this episode is about friends and warm fuzzies.

episode seven: the wedding

grab your tissues! the wedding is a hit and the happy couple have no complaints. the rest of the cast has fun in the beautiful weather! weeee!

episode eight: cade loves cats

ashley wants to die as cade's cat obsession continues to grow. will the couple find a solution?

tune in next week!!!!


Jess said...

Oh my gosh I am dying laughing!! I seriously love you two!!!

Mackay Family said...

Haha! I love to read your always make me laugh! I would watch your sitcom! Your mom must really trust you guys! Tell her Happy Birthday!

Megan and Greg said...

That Cat sign is HILARIOUS!!! What an eventful week! Loved the headlamp kitchen lighting.

Hewletts said...

What the crap....I want to cut and color someone's hair. I NEVER get to have any fun! Plus, I agree. Cats are rad!

Anonymous said...

Cade, do you really love cats? Your mother does but your dad Not! The rest of the blog is ok and entertaining. What have you heard on your job interviews? You both must be getting excited about your cruise. Love, over and out

Jed, Nanc n' the boys! said...

too funny ash! Your sit-com beats "the office" I hate cats, so I feel bad for ya girl, I hope Cade can come to his senses. ;-)

Brownies said...

How much does the C&A salon cost? I'm coming to you next time I want my hair done.
Ben would love bike polo! How funny!

Preston & Shawnee said...

So dang funny. Preston and I LOVE this post. My favorite is Cade with the cat sign, hahaha. I still remember in Living with Wildlife class how much he loved the felines, ha. So we hear you two are leaving Logan?!

Kate said...

Just getting caught up on the ol' blog. Man I miss you guys!

EMILY said...

Hi Ashley, my name is Emily Bennett. I went to high school with Cade and Jason and Sam at THS. I found your blog through another friend from Timp. Congrats on graduating. Looks like you guys have a lot of fun together-I like the idea of starting a sitcom. Say hello to everyone up there in Logan for me. Hope it is okay if I peek in on you and Cade occasionally.