Wednesday, April 8, 2009

festival of colors

a couple weekends ago (yes i am behind) we were able to go to the holi festival of colors at the sri sri radha krishna temple in spanish fork. according to facebook photo uploads, just about everyone and their dog was there but i still think an event like this deserves a post. we had a great of course cade made a little video for you to enjoy. for some reason this blogger upload always pixelates our photos in the slide show... but you get the point.

the temple is so cool looking- straight out of an aladdin movie or something... and that's a good thing. while cade and i were living in europe, we were always stumbling upon some cool festival or celebration and we would happily join in. the holi festival of colors was a great way to get that feeling back again.

the tradition, as far as i understand it, is a celebration of spring. there is dancing and singing all around a huge bonfire on the grass. at the temple, you are able to buy bags of colored chalk and as soon as the priest says- everyone throws their chalk in celebration of the colors of spring. honestly- one of the coolest things i have ever seen is all the colors thrown together. it was pretty sweet. one of our friends got a pretty good picture of the madness from afar...

after you throw chalk for a while, you just dance and dodge all the flying objects the crowd is throwing- all the while singing the hare krishna song at the top of your lungs. cade and i decided that secretly everyone at the festival wants chalk to be thrown at them so we would surely help out with that by pelting everybody in the face. as you can tell from the video, that sent me into some deam-like giggle state. i couldn't get enough of it.

the chalk comes out easily enough- it stayed in my hair for a litle longer than i liked and all our underwear is dyed a pinking color but still... it was just too fun to pass up on. thanks for doing our laundry, leslie!


Adam said...

Becky and I hit this festival last year, I think. I had to laugh at the healthy mix of BYU students and liberal hippy weirdos.

I agree, though--once the colors started flying it was definitely a cool sight.

Taisja & Brady Maxfield said...

That is so cool! It looks like you guys had so much fun! I wish I knew about that when we were in Utah!