Tuesday, January 13, 2009

our holidays daze

i haven't written a smidge about our holiday break. i was simply building anticipation, and i hope it worked. mostly we have just been super busy and/or without internet. thus- the late holiday post. don't judge.

once we got home to utah, we spent some time at my house because my sister was in town from colorado. we had a grand ol' time getting little owen all hyped up on sugar and staying up until the wee hours of the morning giggling. that is what the holiday break is all about- giggle fits and playing dress up.

we packed in plenty of family parties with our friends and family before the big day rolled around. we spent christmas eve/morning with cade's sister, sadie's family. it was sooo fun- really it was a magical christmas. some of you may be thinking the phrase "magical christmas" is loaded with holiday cheese, but that is the only way to describe it. i truly enjoyed getting to know cade's family traditions.

just magical...

seriously, the room was PACKED with gifts.

later that day we spent some time at my grammy's where we opened more gifts and played rockband into the night.

our new year celebrations took us to glamorous wendover aboard the fun bus. if you haven't done the fun bus before, i highly recommend it. what a deal and a great time- i even won bingo on the bus!

there is so much to see in wendover: the red garter, great cover bands, bar fights, mulletts, and of course the shimmering lights. we had a great time with our friends. at dinner, we all chatted about our resolutions for the new year and such. last year i tried to go the whole year without fries... i was 100% up until europe- then i cracked for those freaky frites. this year, i decided that since i don't really like carbonation- i should just not drink it. cade decided not to shave his beard for a whole year. i can't wait to find out if he was kidding or not.

we got all gussied up for the occasion, but after way too many hours on the dance floor and that many more huddled around the craps table, my feet had just about quit... it wasn't pretty.

post new years has been a blur as we have moved back up to logan. i loved the daze of the holidays.


paige and jord said...

welcome back to the us of a. we cant wait for the parties to start!

The Hewletts said...

When are you going to come see us...seriously, I need to see you soon. Also, you must be calling me on the wrong phone because I never hear from you.
We love you guys to bits!