Wednesday, October 22, 2008

expo '58

when cade and i were planning out life here in belgium, we pretty much blocked off all weekends for travel to other countries. little did we know, world expo '58 was hosted right here in brussels and we needn't look any further than our own backyard for hours of entertainment.
meet the atomium. belgium pulled out all the stops when hosting the world by creating this large atom thing to bring awareness to atomic power. it was only supposed to be a temporary display, but years later, it's still around.
each ball has a different theme, and we spared no time inspecting them all. most of them were filled with info on the '58 expo. pretty much we now know everything about the expo... including how many babies were born at the actual fair, how many people committed suicide there, how many waffles were consumed and so on.

to get from ball to ball, we traveled on long escalators through the tubes you see pictured above. very space age.

from the top of the atomium, we saw loads of great places to see next including:
an entire building made of beer crates (the belgians love their beer)

and this huuuuge park. we spent the rest of the day walking across the park and wandering back to our apartment.

not everyone in the world has a huge atom thingy in their backyard. we are blessed.


~SHERI said...

I wish I had an atom thingy. But I have strip clubs and casinos, so ha. Ha?

Shafer and Lindsey said...

That's a cool atom thing. I love the video of Cade traveling between them, classic!

Randy and Leslea said...

Cade made me laugh so hard when he was going through the tunnel! He looked so space aged!

I'm still working on getting there to see you guys. Nov 14-17th ish. Keep your fingers crossed

Bradley said...

I wish that I had a huge atomy thingie in my back yard! I do have Hurley holes and an airport. I just want you to know that I love you and I leave you messages all over everyone's blogs because I don't know blog etiquette. So, hopefully you find my jewels of wisdom. Try to talk mom into Owen and I joining the gang for a Belgium visit. We miss you!