Saturday, July 12, 2008

hobbies and hopes crushed

Growing up I got tired of hearing how domestically-challenged I was. It seemed that my brothers could always cook better than I could and were insanely crafty. The persecution continued when my 300 pound, football star brother started cutting and highlighting hair for all the neighborhood kids in my mom’s salon whenever she was gone -just so he could make a few extra bucks. At this point in life, I couldn’t even do my own hair., let alone cut and highlight someone else’s.

Well- due to the fact that cade and I are “freakishly tall” (a direct quote from my grammy) I considered taking up sewing to alter some of our odd fitting clothes and to start making purses…..oh how I love purses. Just when I thought my domesticity was on an upward slope, my dear brother one upped me again.

Yes, what you are seeing is an actual camouflage sleeping bag for his 2 ½ month old daughter, addy. I can’t beat that. This belongs in Martha Stewart’s outdoor magazine or something.

Wish me luck on finding a new hobby.

*disclaimer- you may be wondering why jeff didn't make this bag in pink with small embroidered daisies on it, considering addy is a girl. please know it is camouflage because we grew up with the notion that everything you take camping must either be camo or hunter orange . we are not white trash, just well educated.


Mackay Family said...

That is like the coolest thing ever. He should make them and sell them. I don't think Garrett could even sew a button on... Are you loving married life?

Nordhoff Family said...

That is so awesome and those are some cute picture of your family on Va-cay.

The Nortons said...

Ash! You are reading Poisonwood Bible... I am so happy to hear that. We'll have to chat when your finished.

p.s. good luck with the sewing. You are a better woman than me because I have already given up the dream of being a homemaker.

the beus family said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one...I am officially the worst cook (my poor husband).
I agree with syd's comment, he should sell them!