Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a slingless wedding: a better wedding

not many of you probably know this, but earlier this month i re-injured my shoulder... now when i say re-injured, i actually mean that in march of 2007 i hurt myself playing volleyball and never saw a doctor. the problem has been there ever since, but last week after another volleyball encounter, i couldn't even brush my hair. when i realized that i only had 3 more weeks on my parents wonderful insurance, my mom told me i needed to see someone about the problem. when i went in, i saw two doctors which meant two different opinions. one took one look at the shoulder and said that perhaps with some therapy, we could find a non-surgical route to recovery. the second doctor was more aggressive, believing that he was 90% sure i would need some sort of surgery. this news...was....crappy. i thought i was going to be in a sling for the wedding and we were already looking into a silk taffeta sling with small pearl accents. however....after some therapy and an m.r.i., the results are in: surgery is not necessary...just optional. needless to say, i am opting out.
the problem turned out to be tendinosis (not -itis). The suffix "osis" implies a "pathology of chronic degeneration without inflammation" -basically meaning it is here to stay. after all my injury-less years of volleyball and softball, i am still pretty surprised to see what the overhand motion has done to my shoulder. but i actually prefer this injury to a torn rotator cuff.
seriously though... i am relieved to not have the surgery right before the wedding and by continuing my therapy, i expect to be back on the court in no time.

i include this picture only because when i searched google images for shoulder injuries, this woman appeared on the screen and it made me laugh for quite some time. i love google.


Jeff and Heather said...

Tendonitis Ash nothing a little massage can't help. Have Cade do some massage on it for you!!!!! I'm very glad you don't need surgery as well.

The Anderson's said...

Ash, that sucks! However, the whole peal sling thing sounded really great for awhile. I hope you feel better! Oh and that lady...what is that? I wasn't sure why she was there till I read below the pic! How funny...and random!

Eric, Dana, & Colter said...

i'm not going t lie, i think the sling would be a GREAT decor t oyour gown, maybe it could be your 'something blue'
Think about it! :)