Wednesday, April 16, 2008

bikes and bouquets

first of all, on behalf of cade and i, i would just like to thank you all for the wedding advice. much appreciated. things are moving right along and we are trying to keep up with everything going on, but we are so close! yay! to celebrate, cade and i have a few additions to our lives. no-not children or puppies or even a tomogachi. cade has been eyeing a fixed gear bike for months now, and at the last usu bike swap, he found his second true love in life. serious. it is a fixed gear with a dual hub...niner? (this means i don't know all the cool technical terms, but i wish to express how cool this bike really is). cade loves it oh-so-much and has not even touched his car since its purchase. so yes, for those of you who were wondering, i now ride cade's little bmx bike all over. i am pretty much the coolest girl on campus. needless to say, we are a pretty eco-friendly couple.

my addition is a new job. i know what you are thinking- not as cool as a fixed gear bike, but actually it is a job i have really wanted for a while. i am now working at blush, a little floral company here in logan. i warned them that they were hiring an inexperienced librarian, but they still let me work there. things are going well and i love learning about the flowers, making arrangements and seeing the surprise when we deliver them to people. although it is my third job right now, i will work at blush until we move to belgium. once summer hits i will only have 2 jobs. wahoo!! to tickle your taste buds, i have included a picture i took of a practice piece. nothing special, but i am loving this job so far.

so basically life is insane for cade and i. we are buzzing right along in school with only 2 weeks left. we are sending invitations out this week, so if you don't think that we have your are probably right. we are trying to round them all up, but be sure to email us if you get a chance. remember how much cade and ashley love you.


The Rollins Bunch said...

BELGIM??? when and why are you moving to belgim?
p.s. has anyone atlked to you about a shower...if not, i'm your girl, i'll for sure throw it. Let me know :)
love ya!

steph and brent said...

Cade, this is Stephanie (Terry) Valdez. I found your blog through Jason Sander's facebook, I hope you don't mind. I'm so excited for you guys! Your pictures are adorable. What are you up to (besides wedding plans and countdowns)?

Jake said...

I'm with the rollins bunch- What the heck you are moving to BELGIM? When? How come? That is so exciting! I am excited to see you friday night!

Kate Gildea said...

Hello! I am so sorry that I missed the shower, don't worry I am still good for a gift! :)