Thursday, March 31, 2011

as of late...

after realizing that i hadn't updated the blog in a while, i looked through our recent photos to recall what we have been up to. what i found are ten, random pictures that highlight some of our recent highs and lows. here are the gems i found:

photo one: cats rule

after despising one another for months, our two kitties have a new love. when they aren't wrestling with each other, they are cuddling and fur-balling up my white chair or cuddling and fur-balling up the sheets on our bed. ahhhh, the joys of being a cat owner. some people would say photos like this make it all worth it...

people like cade say things like that.

photo two: the apple slug

above is a picture of an apple that i was eating. then, i ran across the apple slug. can you see him? snug as a slug in an apple.... if you don't get the willies looking at this photo, you need to reevaluate your life.

photo three: i'm exhausted!

moving right along in our march slide show, you will find a photo of violet and i zonked out on the norton's couch. questions you may be asking about this photo: where did ashley's chin go? what forsaken hour was this taken at? who ate all the ice cream in the bowl?
the truth is, pregnancy kills me. sure, i don't really get sick or throw up... instead, i just fall asleep EVERYWHERE, eat lots of ice cream and collapse into bed at night fearing another sleepless night. pregnancy and sleep have a serious fight with one another until the baby comes. i remember feeling MORE rested with a newborn in our home than when i was hauling the babe in my belly. you should probably plan on many more photos like this during the next 6 months.

photos four and five: skiing

cade loves to ski but with busy schedules and two pregnant winters, he really only ends up getting to the mountain once a year or so. this year, he spent the day with jason. from the photos, it looks like skiing is similar to riding a bike- it just comes right back to you after a long absence.

photos six and seven: smorgasbord at dickey's

ever heard of dickey's? ever heard of ordering meat by the pound at a restaurant? ever heard of the meat sweats?

boy, we sure have!
the cougar crew went out to eat after watching a disappointing cougar game. to cheer the hearts of the men, we went to a place where the meat pours down like rain in march. we literally took over the entire restaurant but in the end, we all got a taste of dickey's. and we loved it.

photo eight: the ledfords left us

our dear neighbors, the ledfords, decided they were going to move. i teared up. i was in denial. in the end, however, it turns out they were pretty serious about it. within two weeks, the entire house was packed, renters were found and they were loading into cars headed to chatanooga. i miss them terribly. not just because i needed honey yesterday and found that i was plumb out, but also because they had become great friends.

photo nine: a head shot

who doesn't love a good head shot? we hope the people casting extras on the new testament movie do!

photo ten: good friends. good family. good life.

i think this picture is a good representation of how blessed we have been feeling lately to have such good friends and close family. we have had a lot of time to spend with them this month and we have loved every second of it. we didn't photograph the joy on our faces in each individual instance, but we loved all of them nonetheless.

there you have it: ten photos of march.
i feel like violet wasn't accurately represented in the photos- so just know that she is doing great. cruising around like a toddler and climbing all sorts of furniture. cute as a button, that one. i'll get some photos of her on here soon to satisfy your craving.

until then!

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LAINA said...

Hobbes kept pointing at Cade in all the pictures and saying "rudi". He gets the two of them confused.